PT Teknologi Integrasi Informatika (Temika) is a company engaged in IT Service and Cybersecurity Consultant which was founded in 2022. We have various specialties and have international certifications. PT Integrasi Informatika Technology (Temika) is committed to providing the best solutions for our clients’ needs. With our commitment to the services we provide, PT Teknologi Integrasi Informatika (Temika) is a reliable partner for organizations in developing, managing infrastructure and protecting assets from cyber attacks.

Temika is an IT Service and Cybersecurity Consultant based in Bandung, Indonesia. Building IT service and cybersecurity resilience since 2022, Temika has accumulated unmatched knowledge and best practices in this highly-demanding specialist sector. Our team includes dozens of cyber experts, trainers, senior consultants, researchers and system integration engineers, each with unparalleled knowledge in their fields.

Our Professional Certification

Our Value


Deliver high quality work, perform accurate testing, provide comprehensive reports, and provide valuable recommendations to clients.


Building client trust through reliability in fulfilling obligations, maintaining good communication, and providing timely services with consistent results.


We  take  the  confidentiality  and  privacy  of client information very seriously. We carry out strict  security  practices  and  provide assurance  that  client  data  and  information will remain safe and secure.

Vision & Mission


Our  vision  is  to  be  a  leading  provider  of  comprehensive  IT  service  and cybersecurity  consultant,  empowering  businesses  to  achieve  technological excellence and robust security in the digital era.


  • Is to keep offering and supporting our customers with reliable  technologies, services  and  solutions  to  assist them  stay  at  the  competitive  edge  of  their businesses.
  • Deliver  comprehensive  IT  service  and  cybersecurity consultant solutions to organizations of all sizes.